What Fleet Managers Should Expect in 2024

February 21, 2024
Fleet Managers Should Expect in

Fleet managers, brace yourselves for 2024! Imagine plugging into a world where your fleet not only saves on energy but also shines in sustainability. And diversity? It’s not just a trend; it’s the strength, in making your fleet family richer and more vibrant. We’re looking at a year where being informed, adaptable, and forward-thinking isn’t just nice—it’s necessary.

Let’s drive into 2024 ready to transform our fleets…

Diversity and Inclusion in Fleet Management

Positively the fleet industry as a whole is a diverse and inclusive industry. However, we agree with Paul Hollick, the chair of the Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP), who is saying we need a broader mix of voices leading the charge, especially those in leadership positions and in speaking roles. Training and development efforts are focusing on softer skills, which are increasingly valued in fleet management along with bringing more female and younger generations into the industry as a whole.

Electrification and Power Supply Optimisation

Fleet electrification is zooming ahead! Mike Nakrani from Vev is all about making sure we’ve got the juice right—thinking smarter about power and keeping those costs in check. Even with some policy speed bumps, going electric is a win-win for saving on those energy bills and boosting green credentials. Getting the right energy mix and setting up solar-powered pit stops with battery storage could be the secret sauce for keeping our electric fleets running smoothly.

Legislative and Insurance Challenges

It seems like we’ve hit a bit of a snag with the whole 4.25-tonne rule for electric vans, and it’s stirring the pot with some confusion around the regulations. Big names like Tesco, DPD, and Speedy are feeling the pinch. Again the AFP is stepping up, pushing for a bit of common sense in the rules to treat these electric workhorses just like their lighter pals. Additionally, insurance premiums for EVs are a concern, given the industry’s lack of understanding in setting premiums for these vehicles. AFP is working with the insurance industry to help bridge this gap.

Market Trends and Sales Forecasts

Looks like the car market’s about to get spicy with some juicy discounts on the horizon, thanks to a bit of a sales slowdown and a hefty push towards electric vehicles. We’re eyeing a nifty 4% bump in new car sales and the used car scene is set to see continued demand, but with a bit of a squeeze on supply. Ian Plummer from Auto Trader is all about diving deep into the data to snag those gems in the used car market. It’s all about smart shopping!


2024 is the year to dive headfirst into the electric revolution, champion diversity like never before, and slice through those tricky regulatory and insurance mazes. Understanding market dynamics will be crucial. By staying informed and adaptable, fleet managers can lead their fleets towards a future that’s not just efficient, but also greener and more inclusive.

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