The Biggest Causes of Vehicle Damage in 2023

February 2, 2024
Vehicle Damage

2023’s been a wild ride for our vehicles, hasn’t it? Fleet operators are facing a range of challenges that lead to vehicle damage, affecting operational efficiency and increasing maintenance costs. We dive into what’s been shaking up our cars and vans.

Pothole Pandemonium: Seriously, potholes are everywhere! Did you know the RAC’s call-outs for pothole damage have skyrocketed by 39%? That’s the highest since early 2021! From busted shock absorbers to wonky wheels, our poor cars are taking a beating. And yep, those freezing December temps aren’t helping.

The Financial and Operational Impact? Not just fixing the cars, but it’s also messing with our schedules. Let’s keep an eye out and report those road craters!

Rodents Gone Wild: Okay, this one’s a bit out there, but rodents are the new car enemy! Breakdowns caused by rodents have seen a 55% increase since 2018, with a particular spike during the transition from summer to autumn.

Cars getting chomped on by rats, mice, even foxes – sounds like a bad movie, but it’s real.

The damage?

  • Gnawing fuel hoses
  • Infesting engine bays
  • Damaging headlights and wiring
  • Chewing speed sensor wiring, windscreen wiper blades, and brake hoses

The solution? Keep those snacks out of your cars, be alert to unusual smells and dashboard warning lights and check for uninvited furry guests.

Staying on Top: We’ve gotta stay sharp with regular checks for both pothole and rodent damage. Spotted a pothole? Report it, and save someone else the headache. And remember, parking in a safe spot as rodent free as possible makes a big difference.

In a nutshell, it’s all about being proactive. The challenges posed by potholes and rodents are significant but manageable with proactive measures. By understanding these risks and implementing effective strategies fleet owners can keep their fleet running smooth and avoid these 2023 car dramas!

Sharpen your incident reporting and management. Get in touch with our team and we can show you how!

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