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November 10, 2023
traffic incident reporting app

What is ONO?

ONO is a traffic incident management app specifically for reporting incidents for fleet operators and individual drivers.

Manual incident report forms have long been plagued by mistakes—over 60% of them, in fact! ONO steps in to reduce these errors significantly. By simply pulling out your smartphone, opening the app, and completing the incident report, ONO removes the chances of human error and emotional biases. This means you can swiftly report the incident and get back to your day, leaving the hassle of traditional paperwork behind.

In addition to streamlining the reporting process, ONO is a green solution that minimises the countless hours spent on paperwork and reports. It embraces the power of digital technology, providing a modern way to track incidents, and reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional paper-based systems.

What ONO is not?

It’s important to note that ONO is not a claims management company. It’s a traffic management app designed specifically for incident reporting. ONO seamlessly integrates with your existing internal processes, allowing you to stick with what works for you while enjoying the benefits of a faster and more intuitive solution.

How does ONO work?

So, how does ONO work? Picture this: You’re involved in a road traffic incident. With ONO, you can immediately collect accurate information right at the scene (also known as First Notification of Loss or FNOL). The app guides you through each essential section, ensuring you capture all necessary details. You can even share insurance information with relevant parties and arrange recovery right at the roadside.

ONO helps the user stay calm and focused whilst capturing all the information needed.

The report is then automatically sent to the drivers’ fleet owner. This data is then passed to your own trusted network of experts. They can review the evidence, giving opinions and solutions accurately and efficiently.

What are the benefits of ONO traffic incident management app?

These are just some of the benefits from using ONO.

  • Accurately estimate repair costs
  • Realistic reserve calculations
  • Minimise fraudulent claims
  • Slash administrative costs
  • Lower premiums
  • Decrease human error
  • Increase profitability
  • Enhance driver peace of mind

Become a Beta tester of ONO traffic app

Ready to experience the future of incident reporting and traffic management? Register for the ONO Beta test and be a part of the revolution. By signing up, you’ll help us refine our software, making it even quicker and easier to process those reports. Together, we can create a better journey for fleet management.

ONO is prepared to offer efficiency, accuracy, and environmental consciousness with an app-based reporting tool. Say goodbye to the old ways of incident reporting and embrace the future with ONO—a solution that simplifies, streamlines, and enhances the entire process.

Sharpen your incident reporting and management. Get in touch with our team and we can show you how!

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