I’ve had an accident, what do I do now?!

December 1, 2022
Fleet Incident Data Capture - ONO App

Over 400 road traffic accidents happen every day and while no one wishes to be a part of that statistic it’s always good to know exactly what you need to do if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation.

At ONO we really could talk all day about the importance of collecting the right information, so over the coming weeks, we will be releasing articles that go into detail about the reasons why each of these areas are so important. But today we want to make sure you have the basics covered in a quick go-to guide.


Usually, the first thing that comes to mind when we’ve had a bump or arrive back at our freshly damaged vehicle after a full-on weekly shop!

That initial wave of noooooooo is usually quickly followed by panic.


Take a breath, or two or three and get yourself into a calmer state of mind.

Easier said than done when your neck is hurting and your pride and joy is dented, but trust us you need to stay calm as there is a lot to take in and action…..

Firstly, is everyone ok? Do you need the emergency services? If yes, call immediately.

If it’s a small accident the police do not need to attend if no one is injured and no other road users are in danger.

Hunt & Gather

Now there is a lot of information that is well worth collecting at the scene of an accident, even if you’ve arrived at a damaged vehicle or been involved with a hit-and-run. Park up safely and start the data collection.

ONO leads you through each area of important information to collect, but we understand not everyone has our app (why not!) So grab these basic details and you’re off to a good start…



Full Name

Contact Number



Contact Number


Location – exact



At ONO we like to go into much more detail when hunting out the specifics of an accident, for example, information such as the number of third-party passengers can really help when dealing with any fraudulent claims that could potentially be brought against the at-fault driver.

Time to Recover

Assess the damage! Is the vehicle drivable? If so we recommend going home and taking stock of what just happened. Sometimes shock is delayed and injuries can start to appear hours after the crash.

If your vehicle needs recovering, be aware that most traditional recovery companies won’t include this in your basic breakdown package and they will charge a premium to recover your vehicle. Also, try and get the vehicle recovered directly to a garage of your choice, otherwise, it could be a double recovery.

Once your vehicle is en route to the garage or you are on route home, make sure you take a bit of time to relax. Have a cuppa, take a bath, eat cake! Do whatever you need to do to make sure you have calmed down and the shock of the accident has passed. It can be very stressful and emotions can just creep up on you out of nowhere, it’s perfectly normal to feel a little teary, anxious about driving again and angry at the situation. Acknowledge these emotions, let them come and pass and remember they are all reasonable reactions to the situation.

It’s on a need-to-know basis! 

If you are a fleet driver, ONO bundles up all of the information you collected at the roadside and fires it straight through to your fleet owner who will help assist with the next steps.

However for those not using the ONO app your insurer is going to be the first call once you’ve digested what’s happened. Have all your information to hand and be ready for a lengthy phone call.

Be clear with your answers, don’t fabricate any information and be truthful. We don’t like to be at fault, but trust us, being open and honest from the beginning will really help keep costs down and will help your insurer deal with the case quickly and effectively.

It’s only a scratch…

Your insurer (and fleet owner) will be insistent that you register any accidents no matter how small to them even if there is no third party involved. Hit a tree?! Tell them! Reversed into a bollard? Give them a call! You may not be making a claim but they need to know. With CCTV covering pretty much everywhere, footage is easy to come by and insurers often get claims come in from councils and homeowners

Your insurer or fleet owner will help you with your next steps (we will cover these in more detail over the coming weeks.) But the main thing you will be concerned about is getting your car back.

This can take longer than you think! The vehicle may need to be inspected, parts ordered and quotations agreed.

6 step check!

Knowing these simple steps and crucial information to gather will be extremely useful for you and your insurance company when dealing with an accident you may have been in, regardless of fault! 

Keep calm and take a moment, but ultimately think of yourself as a crime scene investigator and gather up all elements of information that you can to make sure you have the best foundation for your case.

Ultimately drive safely, don’t speed and stay off of your phone!

Sharpen your incident reporting and management. Get in touch with our team and we can show you how!

I want to be in the know!


I want to be in the know!