How it works

ONO helps those involved in a road traffic incident accurately collect the correct information immediately at the roadside (FNOL) and share it in real time with the relevant parties.

1. Driver downloads ONO app
During onboarding
2. Fleet owner matches details
Through the ONO dashboard
3. Drive as
4. Crash
5. Open ONO and follow the prompts
6. Incident data is sent to fleet
7. Help arranged instantly
If required
8. Job done!
Get home safely and wait for your fleet instructions
9. Progress + updates
are shared directly through the ONO app

ONO helps the user stay calm and focused, leading them through each important section, capturing all the information needed. The driver can share their insurance details with a third party and arrange recovery at the roadside.

The report is then automatically sent to the fleet owner. This data is then passed to your own trusted network of experts. They can review the evidence, giving opinions and solutions accurately and efficiently.

Vehicle Accident Reporting App - ONO App
Incident Reporting Dashboard - ONO App
Follow the full progression of each incident.

Helping operators to importantly eradicate duplicate claims, minimise mistakenly open claims and reduce the number of unreported incidents.

ONO helps you say 'Oh Yes' to...

Clearly captured vehicle incident data

Accurate liability decisions

Simplified workflow and improved internal processes

Incident and claims history analysis

Faster settlements

Lower cost per claim

Sharpen your incident reporting and management. Get in touch with our team and we can show you how!

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I want to be in the know!